How to move a Coaching Business Online – Five Step Process

Successful coaches all face the same problems.

They have lots of customers, a queue of ‘wannabe customers’ and a great paycheck. They got where they wanted to be.
Yet there is no obvious way to escape from your success. Its hard to have long holidays or retire early because you have to keep seeing customers – who all need your time to keep them moving. Expanding by hiring more coaches is tricky, because they never quite reflect you and your coaching style.
And moving the business online would be awesome, but where do you start? Your website designer has great ideas but they never quite seem to work, the digital marketing guys promise that it will rain prospects, but it never quite does.
The solution.
The solution is to move online, but gradually, starting with the baby steps that develop your learning and skills and simultaneously reduce the regular face to face time your current clients require .

To achieve this the FIVE key steps to getting your customers online are:

  1. Get some of your most basic material on a coaching website, with customer logins, basic plans customised for each custimer and somewhere for them to record feedback when you are not around.
  2. Start with your existing clients, dont try first with new ones. Pick some who will ‘never leave’ and offer them the platform as your VIP’s  and ask them to record some feedback on their activities online between sessions, explaining the benefits of this.
  3. Be sure to spend time alone reviewing what they are putting into the system and proactively and visibly react to it, whether on the phone, online messages or by adjusting the plans. People engage more if someone is watching or working with.
  4. At the regular face to face sessions review their data with them, make sure they see progress from their actions and reinforce that you are checking adjust their plans and content .
  5. With some clients start to reduce the face to face time and try online reviews, whether on skype, the phone or another tool.

Over time you will find you naturally get into a rhythm and process with existing customers, buying back some face to face time from them to invest in your online platform. And eventually you will develop enough knowledge, confidence and experience to sign customers you have never, and will never meet.

Remember learning and improving is a process,  and best done gradually ref:

  • Doing something (Concrete Experimentation)
  • Thinking about it (Reflection)
  • Doing some research
  • Talking with others and applying what we already know to the situation (Abstract Conceptualization)
  • Doing something new or doing the same thing in a more sophisticated way based on our learning (Active Experimentation).